About us

About Us 

What is Astikan?


Astikan is a health management service app from where you can take any bookings and healthcare services. This is the first Indian App that gives you a health dashboard providing interconnectivity among the services and also keeps your data safe with financial protection. By managing all your health requirements, we can save you from out-of-pocket spending in Healthcare.NOTE- Every year 6 crore Indians are pushed below the poverty line because of out-of-pocket spending on Healthcare.


What Astikan Does do?

Astikan gives you a personal dashboard of your healthcare services from where you can book any Healthcare service like Consultation, Medicine, Pathology test, Insurance, and many more. We promote and encourage consumer wellness through our different channels. With this dashboard, you are covered with both preventive and curative parts of healthcare. Preventive includes your management of daily routines like exercise, diet, medicine follow-ups, wellness, etc. Curative includes your pain point of booking a doctor, a Path test, Insurance, lending support, Admissions, etc

How does it work?

It's actually very simple!! We have multiple services which you can choose by your per day spent. We give customization of our services as per your choices depending on which type of subscription you want to buy. Starting from Rs1/Day to 20Rs/day you can choose anything in between. In this subscription plan, you get Discounts on booking, Insurance, Cashback on transactions, and many more options for wellness.

How is this different?

We believe that the healthcare dashboard of a person is designed according to an individual needs which should contain everything. This is the first app that will give you Solutions as well as Management of your health needs. On top of that, we encourage health and try to keep you healthy and secure with this application. You can design or create your own health goals and we will support you in achieving those.